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This Is Everything You Need To Know About The Samsung Galaxy S8

This Is Everything You Need To Know About The Samsung Galaxy S8

by Rob BogganMarch 29, 2017

Samsung just unveiled their most brilliant smartphone to date. The Samsung Galaxy S8 hasn’t even released yet, and it’s already the best Android phone made. The Samsung Galaxy S8 combines top level design features, and best-in-class hardware for a truly premium device. There’s been improvements in just about every area of the phone, and you can tell Samsung is naturally gunning for the number one spot. They’ve apparently bought in to the fact that they’d have something to prove with their next batch of smartphones, and it looks like they’re doing just that. Here’s everything you need to know about the Samsung Galaxy S8.

For starters, Samsung has once again overhauled the look and feel of their devices. The Galaxy S8 is a beautiful mix of glass and metal that stands out as a great looking phone. The display is a thing of beauty. Samsung is calling it an “Infinity Display” that goes nearly end to end on the front of the S8. The screen slopes ever so gently into the curved edges on the side of the phone. The display looks like water running off the sides of a mountain. There’s a bit of phone magic at work here, as the S8 has a 5.8 inch display and the S8 Plus will have a 6.2 inch display. Samsung achieved this by shrinking the bezels on the front to maximize the screen size without making the phone larger.

Underneath the hood, there’s an all new Snapdragon 835 quad-core processor, and 64GB of onboard storage. Fans of removable memory need not fret, Samsung still utilizes the SD slot for those who want even more storage capability. The batteries aren’t mind numbingly large, as the S8 sports a 3,000 mAh battery, while the S8 Plus has 3,500. Samsung made sure to pay special attention to the batteries they used in each phone. Not only have they tweaked the software in the devices to minimize battery drain, they also employed a special team to ensure the batteries have a high build quality, just like the phones. 

The cameras in the S8 are largely the same as the ones in the Galaxy S7, with a few minor tweaks. While Samsung isn’t being too exact at the moment, they did lead on that they’ve included some software enhancements to increase picture quality. The camera on the Galaxy S7 was pretty stellar though, so I can only imagine how they could’ve made the S8 camera better.

The other big inclusion with the Galaxy S8 is Samsung’s new digital assistant, Bixby. Bixby is essentially the Siri, or Google Now for Samsung devices. Bixby has a few awesome tricks that give ot leverage over its competitors though. For example, you can open the camera from within Bixby and use the lens to scan objects. The scan will bring up relevant information like links to Amazon or Web search results.

All in all, The Samsung Galaxy S8 looks to be the most ambitious Samsung device to date. The largest question that remains is whether or not this phone will be good enough to make people look past the colossal failure that was the Galaxy Note 7. I happen to think so.

The Samsung Galaxy S8 and S8 Plus will launch beginning April 21st, but preorders will start tomorrow, March 30th. Samsung has yet to comment on pricing.

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