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There Is A Giant Spoiler In The Second Captain America Civil War Trailer

There Is A Giant Spoiler In The Second Captain America Civil War Trailer

by Rob BogganMarch 13, 2016

Spoilers Ahead. If You Don’t Want To See Them/It, STOP READING NOW……..

Ever since it’s debut a few days ago, the second trailer for Captain America: Civil War has amassed over 30 million views. The trailer essentially highlights the conflict at the front and center of this movie which is the impending war between Iron Man and Captain America. The trailer first gained notoriety because it gives us our first look at Tom Holland’s version of Spiderman, but now the trailer gives us an all new look at how high the stakes truly are. Eagle eyed viewers of the trailer spotted something really eery during a fight sequence between Cap and Iron Man. If you freeze the trailer at around 2:40, you can spot what appears to be a corpse lying on the ground. Zoom in a bit, and you’ll see that corpse is not actually a corpse but rather an unconscious Bucky Barnes WITHOUT his bionic arm. That’s right, it appears ol’ Bucky gets the worst end of an interaction between him and Iron Man.

Handsfree Bucky

In the first trailer, we see Bucky trying to rip the Arc Reactor out of Iron Man’s chest, and it looks like we know how that ends now. We get to see both Cap and The Winter Soldier simultaneously attacking Iron Man in a piece of that trailer, so one could only imagine that Iron Man actually gets the upper hand somehow, and dispatches Bucky fairly soon after.

Watch the first Captain America Trailer 

Watch the second Captain America Trailer

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