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The New Captain America: Civil War Trailer Is……SPECTACULAR

The New Captain America: Civil War Trailer Is……SPECTACULAR

by Rob BogganMarch 10, 2016

The second trailer for Captain America: Civil War hit the internet today, and it is absolutely insane. The Civil War movie looks to pick up right after the events of Age Of Ultron, and sees Captain America leading a new generation of the Avengers against global threats. Unfortunately, the government sees things differently, and end up launching an initiative requiring any superheroes or “gifted” people to register secret identities.

This is where the major conflict happens. Iron Man is all for the registration, while Captain America fears it could do more harm than good. In the comics one of the most integral figures was Spiderman, and both sides were trying to sway him in an effort to gain support for their respective causes.

Spiderman has also been the central focus of the internet’s attention as once again, his story will be retold with a different actor portraying him. This time around it’s Tom Holland’s turn to play the web-slinger, in his first official appearance in a non-Sony Marvel film. In his last film adaptation, we got the Amazing Spiderman, this time it looks like Marvel is going with perhaps the most popular version, Spectacular Spiderman.

Keep your eyes peeled for Spidey at the end of the trailer, and let us know your thoughts in the comments below!


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