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August 11, 2017

Robert Kirkman Leaves AMC, Will Develop New Shows For Amazon

The Walking Dead creator, Robert Kirkman will soon depart AMC in favor of a bigger deal with Amazon. Kirkman and his Skybound imprint will now create new content with Amazon for the next two years. Amazon will also have a ‘first look’ clause which basically means new Skybound series created by Kirkman will have to be shopped to them first. The move is a bit of a blow to AMC, which currently houses one of Kirkman’s biggest projects to date, The Walking Dead. 

The deal is said to be significantly better than Kirkman’s previous deal with AMC. Kirkman had this to say about his new deal, “At Skybound Entertainment we strive to tell the best [...]

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August 4, 2017

Here’s The Season 3 Trailer For Mr. Robot

**Warning!!! Spoilers from Mr. Robot appear below! Y0u’v3 b33n w4rn3d!

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July 31, 2017

Mr. Robot’s offsite came to SDCC once again…and It Was Epic.

Mr. Robot was hands down the highlight of my time in San Diego last year. This year did not disappoint, but could have been so much better. Let me explain. The offsite was a small store front window for E-corp bank. This is where you could sign up for an e-coin account. They gave you an e-coin card with 20e, which was a cryptocurrency that could be used at select places around the Gaslamp quarters for free food or a shirt from the Red Wheelbarrow BBQ which was located next door to the bank front. The Red Wheelbarrow BBQ was also a reference from the show and they offered a free pork slider, chips, and shake just for showing your e card.


(The pork sliders [...]

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July 14, 2017

The Walking Dead stuntman, John Bernecker Dies

AMC’s The Walking Dead has halted season 8 production after stuntman John Bernecker was seriously injured. Bernecker was on the Alanta set on Wednesday according to Variety. Bernecker fell more than 20 feet onto a concrete floor sustaining severe head injuries and was rushed to the local hospital where he was in intensive care and eventually put on a ventilator. Bernecker had an impressive list of stunt credits including recent work on Black Panther, Logan, and Get Out to name a few. The Walking Dead cast and crew have been known to be a close knit group and John Becknecker was apart of that family as proof by the tweet sent out July 13th from Lauren Cohen:

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