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June 10, 2017

TV’s Batman Adam West Dies at 88

Adam West was best known for his role as Batman on the popular 1960s television series. West passed away Friday night in Los Angeles surrounded by his family and loved ones after a short battle with leukemia, a family spokeperson said. Adam West had quite a cult following and was an actor that fell victim to type casting. West struggled to find acting roles until he became the voice of  Adam West: Mayor of Quahog on Family Guy. West has also done voice acting  for Spongebob Squarepants and The Fairly Odd Parents. Adam West and Burt Ward made one of their last con appearances at Motor City Comic Con last year. Here is a link to the Q & A panel from their 2016 appearance [...]

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May 31, 2017

There’s A Chicken Big Mac At McDonald’s Now, And I Want It

One of the most historic fast food items ever made is getting a slight makeover as of today. McDonald’s anchor sandwich, the Big Mac, is now available in a chicken variant. That’s right folks, the most famous burger of all time is now available as a chicken sandwich. Now, before you drop your phone and erratically drive to your nearest McDonald’s, know this… It’s not available in the US yet. Yes, tragically the Chicken Big Mac will only be available in Australia for the time being.

I would easily take down two of these things if they were available here. Here’s hoping that these bad devils make it stateside.

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May 28, 2017

A “Women’s Only” Screening Of Wonder Woman Has Men Losing Their Minds

A movie theater in Austin, Texas has caused a stir by doing something extraordinarily different. They had the audacity, the unmitigated gall, to host a Women’s ONLY screening of Wonder Woman. I mean, how dare they show a film that features a rare woman lead, with a majority woman cast, that isn’t about relationships, or girls night out gone wrong, to only women. How dare they?!?!? The Alamo Drafthouse theater chose to pay homage to perhaps the most important female hero in comic history, and men are absolutely losing their minds.

Never mind the fact that pretty much every other superhero movie is by large part marketed to, by, and for men. Never mind the [...]

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May 22, 2017

2017 Motor City Comic Con Wrap-Up

Another year, another Motor City Comic Con in the books. This year may have been the biggest year yet, as celebrities from some of the biggest franchises all appeared for this year’s show. The show ran from Friday May 19th, through Sunday the 22nd and there was plenty of action to take in. The Motor City Comic Con is surely one of my favorite shows of the year, because it balances panels and contests with a solid amount of celebrity guests. The Suburban Showplace of Novi was rocking with first time attendees, and veterans alike. Check out the highlights from this year’s show!

Friday was a bit of an odd day for me, as I was one member less. Maria wasn’t able [...]

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