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T-Mobile Responds To Verizon’s Unlimited Data Plan In A Big Way

On Sunday, Verizon unveiled their plans to once again offer customers unlimited data. Verizon was the last US carrier to do so, as T-Mobile, Sprint, and AT&T all had different incarnations of an unlimited plan available. It took T-Mobile all of 24 hours to fire back at Verizon, calling them out for “caving” on their stance on unlimited data. T-Mobile has been especially critical about Verizon as of late, especially since new network test findings have concluded T-Mobile’s data network is just as good as Verizon’s.

Verizon took a hard stand on the value of their unlimited plan, which truthfully is a pretty solid offering, but T-Mobile thinks they can do better. Starting today, T-Mobile is offering their ‘T-Mobile ONE’ plan for $100 for two lines of service. For four lines the price jumps to $160, making it exactly $40 cheaper per month than Verizon’s offering. The biggest advantage with T-Mobile’s plan is the fact that taxes and fees are included in their pricing, which is a sticking point for many customers seeking a more consistent bill.

Now, almost a full week into the new unlimited wars, T-Mobile is offering a pretty stout discount on their ONE plans that sweeten the pot even more. Select T-Mobile employees will have access to 5 special promo codes that they can offer which will grant buyers an additional 20% discount on their ONE plans for life. That’s a huge deal. One that certainly keeps T-Mobile at the top of the list for best wireless deal available right now. 

It seems like now is a great period for wireless consumers, as the recent successes of T-Mobile is forcing every other wireless carrier to step their game up. With this special deal on their ONE plans, it makes perfect sense for those who are unhappy with their carrier to make the jump. 


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