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Super Mario Odyssey Will Be Released In October

Super Mario Odyssey Will Be Released In October

by Rob BogganJune 13, 2017

Nintendo revealed new gameplay footage and mechanics for Super Mario Odyssey during their E3 conference today. Super Mario Odyssey looks to return the franchise to their wildly inventive roots not seen since Super Mario 64. There’s several new abilities, enemies, and worlds for Mario to explore, and this new trailer gives us brief glimpses at them all.

For starters, the trailer showcases a ton of action featuring Mario’s hat. It seems that his hat, or ‘Cappy’ as it’s so lovingly called now, actually gives Mario a really cool ability. Whipping Cappy onto an enemies head, allows Mario to sort of possess them, gaining their abilities in the process. There’s seemingly no limits as Mario transformed into everything from a Bullet Bill to a cheep cheep with relative ease. 

Watching the trailer really took me back to the days of Super Mario 64. A wild, and entertaining adventure that I could literally spend hours and hours replaying. It’s slightly unfortunate that the game won’t release until October 27th, but it’s totally worth the wait. Check out Nintendo’s E3 trailer for Super Mario Odyssey, and let us know what you think in the comments!

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