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Steve Jobs Introduced The iPhone Ten Years Ago Today

Steve Jobs Introduced The iPhone Ten Years Ago Today

by Rob BogganJanuary 9, 2017

Exactly ten years ago today, Steve Jobs introduced the phone that would forever change the landscape of mobile phones. January 9th, 2007 marked the first time we would be introduced to the iPhone, possibly Jobs last great creation. At the time, the phone was marketed as a three in one device, but since then it has become so much more. Anticipation had reached a fever pitch, and people were anxious to check out the next big thing in Apple innovation.

From there, Apple has pretty much reinvented the methods we use to communicate, and what build quality actually means. With every new iteration of the iPhone, there seems to be something bigger, badder, better about it, but the phone actually had really meager beginnings. 

The first iPhone was mass marketed as three things: A big iPod, an internet device, and a phone… That’s it. As smartphone and communication needs changed though, the iPhone was right there to adapt. Many times it felt almost as if Jobs knew what the people wanted, well before they did themselves. Sure, app stores existed well before the iPhone, but none as popular. Web browsing and email on a mobile device were around long before the iPhone, but nobody made it as intuitive as Apple. These are the things that make Apple users so loyal – despite the phones not being as technologically advanced as some Android devices, they do seem to just flat-out work well.

One major reason they do work so well, is the fact that Apple has managed to cut down fragmentation within the OS TREMENDOUSLY. Apple generally has one to two versions of iOS active at any given time. This makes it amazingly easier for developers to write and code software for their devices, while Android as of right now has five. This marks the stark difference between Android and iPhone. You get the same experience across all iPhones, whereas Android phone vary based on software version and manufacturer. 

This Fall, Tim Cook will take the stage and introduce the iPhone 7S (or 8), and with it they will be outlining what the next ten years will hold for Apple. Much like Steve Jobs in 2007, all eyes will be on Tim Cook and just what type of “Magic” they’ll be introducing next.

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