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Samsung Releasing Limited Edition Batman Themed Galaxy S7 Edge

Samsung Releasing Limited Edition Batman Themed Galaxy S7 Edge

by Rob BogganMay 27, 2016

If you needed any more of a reason to pop out and buy a Galaxy S7 Edge, Samsung may have just given you one. Dubbing it the S7 Edge “Injustice Edition” this limited edition release will be a must-have for all you comic loving smartphone hypebeasts out there. The Batman edition of the S7 Edge was created to celebrate the third anniversary of DC’s superhero fighting game, Injustice: Gods Among Us.  The phone is designed with Batman’s logo embossed on the back of the device in a shiny gold finish, and it comes with some pretty sweet packaging.

The box itself includes a gold-plated Batarang, a Gear VR Headset, and a special carrying case modeled after Batman’s body armor.

Samsung says availability of the device will begin in June, but with limited releases in China, Singapore, Korea, Latin America, and Russia, with more to be announced soon. There’s been no word on price just yet, but I’d just as soon expect a person to need Bruce Wayne money to be able to pick one up.


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