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Samsung Reveals What Caused The Galaxy Note 7 To Explode

Samsung Reveals What Caused The Galaxy Note 7 To Explode

by Rob BogganJanuary 23, 2017

Samsung has finally concluded their investigation into why Galaxy Note 7 devices were exploding this Summer. The phone was released in August of 2016, and complaints began to roll in almost immediately. Buyers stated that their phones were getting abnormally hot initially, then folks started to say their phones had flat-out exploded. The exploding Galaxy Note 7 devices were not an isolated incident as Samsung previously expected though, and pretty soon, the problem had grown big enough to warrant a recall.

Samsung issued an initial recall and promised that buyers would have their replacement phones swiftly. Little did we know, this would spell even more trouble for Samsung in the long run. Unfortunately, the increased demand from Samsung in manufacturing more devices, faster than before. This may have led to the second batch of devices to have a few corners cut in order to meet the increasing demand for replacement devices from consumers. As we all know, the second batch was also  eventually recalled, and in the process created the single largest PR headache perhaps ever, for Samsung.

While we knew the phones had to be recalled, and we knew they were hazardous, we were never officially given an explanation as to why. 

Earlier today, Samsung finally revealed the defect in both batches of phones and believe it or not, it’s surprisingly feasible. According to findings by Samsung, there were two batches of batteries that caused the issues. The first, was an “irregular” sized battery that caused the negative electrodes to be bent inside of the devices that, essentially caused the first set of problems. Second, there was an abnormal weld spot in the battery that would essentially cause a short-circuit in the battery, increasing the possibility of an explosion.

So what now? Since Samsung has identified the root cause(s) of the Note 7 defects, they are “committing to an industry leading quality control process for all future devices. Check out the video above for a fully detailed explanation of what Samsung’s new quality control process will include.

While I’m not one to easily forgive and forget, I will say that up until this point, Samsung has had a pretty solid track record. If they can fiercely stick to this quality control initiative, they will have no problem returning to the good graces of consumers. After all, based on early reviews, the Note 7 was the greatest device they’d ever produced. I could only imagine what we’d be talking about if none of this had ever happened…

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