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The Samsung Galaxy S8 Will Be Released On April 21st

The next big thing in the lineup of next big things is set to release next month. Samsung’s highly anticipated Galaxy S8 is slated for an April 21st launch, according to several sources. The Galaxy S8 is supposed to get a grand unveiling on March 29th, followed by a pre-order period shortly after. Fans of Samsung are especially looking forward to the S8 after the insane debacle caused by the release and recall of the Note 7. 

Android users are anticipating the Galaxy S8 because Samsung has created some of the best Android devices over the last few years. Beside touting one of the better looking, premium build designs, the Galaxy devices also integrated the latest (non-Nexus, non-Pixel) version of Android better than anyone else.

While there’s nothing concrete on the S8, leaks have been springing up at an alarming rate. For starters, there will be two models of the Galaxy S8 released this year. The standard Galaxy S8, and a larger S8 Plus model. The Galaxy S8 will rock a 5.8′ screen, while the S8 Plus will have a 6.2′ display. Both phones are rumored to have an “Infinity Display”, essentially a large edge to edge Samsung panel. With the Infinity Display, Samsung is basically pulling off a bit of phone design magic. They’ll make the screens on the device larger, without physically making the devices much larger. These types of displays will be an industry trend later this year, but I expect Samsung is wanting to get a head start on the competition with the S8. 

As for the internals on the new Galaxy phone, it looks like Samsung is sparing no expense. The S8 will reportedly have a 3,000 mAh battery, and the S8 Plus will have a massive 3,500 mAh battery inside. As for the cameras, each S8 will have a 12MP main camera, with an 8MP selfie camera. There’s also rumors that the S8 will have several sensors on the back, including the fingerprint and heart rate sensors. There’ll also allegedly be 7 different colors available, including Orchid and Pink, which sound like a Reddish variant will be on the way.


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