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Playstation 4 System Update 4.50 Is Available Today

The next big software update for the PS4 is available now, bringing with it a host of upgrades. For starters, users will notice improved 2D image support on PS VR. Users would notice that returning to the home screen after playing Playstation VR, the resolution would be much lower than in-game. After installing the update, gamers should see an improvement.

Users of Remote Play will now see support for voice chat. Remote Play Voice Chat will be supported on Windows PC, MAC, and select Xperia devices. This basically give you an extended ability to keep the game going while you’re away from home.

There’s a new feature debuting for PS4 Pro users called ‘Boost Mode’. With Boost Mode, games that haven’t been patched to take advantage of the PS4 Pro’s upgraded CPU will still see a boost in performance. Playstation is also saying Boost Mode will shorten load times for those titles.

The PS Messages and Communities apps will see several improvements as well. Users will gain the ability to send a quick reply when they receive a game invite from other players. In the Communities App, you’ll be able to check the PSN service status under the app settings.

Perhaps the biggest feature from the new update, is the inclusion of HDD support. Gamers can now use USB storage devices to install or move applications from your PS4 storage. One of the biggest complaints among PS4 owners has been the storage woes caused by the sometimes insane file size of PS4 games. The addition of HDD support should solve that, as the PS4 will now support drives that are a minimum of 250GB and maxes out at 8TB. This is HUGE especially with a newly intensified focus on VR and 4K movies and video games. 

For full supported features, and more on the 4.50 update, check out the official Playstation Blog at the link below. Let us know how the update installation goes for you!

via Playstation Blog

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