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Period Panties…These Undies Are Awesome

If you’re looking for a nerdy girl gift, look no further! Period panties are comfy fun undies that bring comfort and a comedic twist to your downtown. They come in a wide variety of colorful briefs and boyshorts and several awesome themes. I first came across these amazing undergarments while at a Wizard World  Comic Con in Chicago. I instantly fell in love with the designs and vowed to buy a pair on the last day of the con. I never would’ve imagined that they would become my very favorite pair of underwear! I feel I need to explain that these undies are not the trendy undies that claim you can just wear their undergarment and nothing else during your period (I have a lot apprehension with those).

These undies are epic and put a funny twist on that horrible time of the month. The collection of period panties have a menstrual theme incorporated into some familiar nerdy fandoms. My first pair of period panties by Harebrained Designs that I purchased were the captain red beard ones. I found this doubly amusing because I am also a ginger. They are brightly colored and depict a bloody pirate. This particular pair is several years old now and are slightly faded but still super comfy. The undies are made of 95% cotton and 5% elastane. They have a great fit and hug you naturally, so they don’t have a tendency to get uncomfortable halfway through the day like most undies.

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Hairbrained Designs is a Chicago based company founded by illustrator/designer Anthony Hall along with Cole Cooney and Amanda Barber in 2008. They have expanded past the popular period theme panties to also include other items such as bibs, onesies, and shirts. All period panties run $12.00USD but they do have several pairs on clearance right now for $9.00.  If you would like to get yourself or your bloody valentine some panties, check them out here:

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