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Nintendo Announces The 2DS XL

Nintendo Announces The 2DS XL

by Rob BogganApril 27, 2017

Nintendo apparently has grand plans for portable gaming this year. After releasing its latest console the Nintendo Switch back in March, they’re back at again with a new twist on an old favorite. Nintendo just revealed the Nintendo 2DS XL, an offshoot of a favorite among portable gamers. The original 2DS became insanely popular due to it’s small stature and affordable price. The 2DS XL will deliver both of those still, but in a larger package.

The 2DS XL packs the same size screens as the 3DS XL, but will only cost $149.99. That’s a pretty insane deal when you consider the already massive library of games it’ll have available at launch. Speaking of launch, you’ll have to wait a while to get your hands on one, as it won’t be available until July 28th.

Even still, the Nintendo 2DS XL will be another must have for gamers, and another hit for Nintendo.

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