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A New Ransomware Attack Is Spreading To PCs Across Europe

A New Ransomware Attack Is Spreading To PCs Across Europe

by Rob BogganJune 27, 2017

Exactly a month ago, PC users were hit with a massive ransomware attack called WannaCry. Today, users are reporting connected PCs and devices once again being rendered useless, with a Bitcoin ransom asking to be paid. According to TechCrunch, the attack initially appeared to be originating from Ukraine. Now users in Spain, France, Russia, and India are all reporting computers being hijacked. Now for the scary part: The ransomware appears to be targeting banks, hospitals, and utility companies. It’s apparently only affecting computers that haven’t been patched with the latest Microsoft security updates.


Early reports are saying that like WannaCry, this new ransomware utilizes the EternalBlue exploit to spread. The ransomware is known as Petrya, and has been around for quite a while now. Seeing as how this new virus is spreading as fast as WannaCry, and using seemingly the same exact exploit, it looks like government and businesses that are being hit simply haven’t learned their lesson. The importance of updating your network has been on display now more than ever. Recently, defense spending has been a hot topic, but it seems like cyber defense is being all but forgotten.

With information technology becoming more and more robust, one has wonder what type of attack will have to happen before more companies and Government entities start taking this more seriously.

via TechCrunch

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