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Nerd News Show Ep 087: This One Is About Comic Con…

Nerd News Show Ep 087: This One Is About Comic Con…

by Rob BogganJuly 31, 2017

This week Rob and Maria recap the crazy fun time they has at San Diego Comic Con! The discussion centers around what it’s like to attend Comic Con with more experience under your belt, and the importance of Hotel location as it relates to planning out your day.

From there, they talk about the debacle that was the collectibles and Hall H lines. Attendees were tremendously disappointed by line management, and the admittance of counterfeit wristband holders into Hall H. They also talk about whether or not the exclusivity of Hall H is still actually exclusive, or more of a liability for big movie studios.

Lastly, Rob and Maria talk about their favorite parts of Comic Con ? A Mr. Robot pop-up, and a one-of-a-kind Westworld experience, that had to be seen to be believed.

This week’s episode is jam-packed, and can’t miss!

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