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Nerd News Show Ep 084: Separate But Equal

Nerd News Show Ep 084: Separate But Equal

by Rob BogganJune 28, 2017

Rob and Maria are back this week with a solidly jam-packed episode! Rob starts by discussing his latest obsession, the new Netflix hit series, ‘GLOW’. He details why he likes it so much, breaks down the cast, and talks about the real-life promotion the show is based on! Maria chats about pesticides and how they could be altering our bodies triggering cancers and potentially autism in children. 

From there, Rob and Maria discuss the recent ruling that Comic Con International can’t trademark the phrase “Comic Con.” 

There’s also several TV and movie announcements, like the villain in Sony’s upcoming ‘Venom’ movie being named, and a Watchmen series being developed for HBO!

Finally, Rob and Maria dive into the recent announcement of the Super Nintendo Classic console, and whether or not they think it’ll be as difficult to get as its predecessor, the NES Classic.

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