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Negan’s Backstory To Be Told In Exclusive Image+ Story Arc

Negan’s Backstory To Be Told In Exclusive Image+ Story Arc

by Rob BogganApril 8, 2016

While we just watched Negan explode one of our favorite characters heads on the season finale of The Walking Dead, we don’t know much about him. Sure, we found out he has a pretty massive army, and a wicked swing, but other than that we know pretty much nothing. Even in the Walking Dead comic universe, not much is known about the villainous Negan. Until Now.

Beginning in May, we’ll get our first glimpse into Negan’s life as his story will be told across 48 pages in the Image+ preview catalogue. The Hollywood Reporter was able to get hands on the first page from the upcoming origin story, and it looks pretty sweet. Check it out below:

Negan 1 Final

Seeing Negan actually making his weapon of choice is pretty damn awesome. It looks like Robert Kirkman and Charlie Adlard will go full-bore into exploring exactly how Negan came into power, and how he amassed such a large army.

The first issue of Image+ will be available starting April 27th for those chomping at the bit for this.

via The Hollywood Reporter


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