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Move Over Raindrop Cakes, These Cakes Are Cosmical!

Move Over Raindrop Cakes, These Cakes Are Cosmical!

by Maria BogganMay 17, 2016

Raindrop cakes are so yesterday.  Russian baker Olga Noskova has taken the internet by storm via Instagram, with her beautiful and polished cakes.  She’s amassed close to 500k followers,  and her cakes look almost too good to be considered food.

blue cake









Her glazing technique creates a marbling and cosmic shine that makes them almost sinful to cut, let alone eat. The Russian beauty keeps her glossy glazing technique a mystery.  Some have speculated it is a mixture of gelatin, glucose, and sweetened condensed milk.

purple cake










The insides of her cakes are just as perfect as the outside.











She doesn’t solely perfect the shiny marble-like cake, her matte frosted cakes are flawless too.



Here is a mesmerizing video of the glossy frosting process



Follow all of Olga’s creations @olganoskovaa on Instagram!


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