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MIT Students Bring Invincible Ironheart To Life With Short Film

MIT Students Bring Invincible Ironheart To Life With Short Film

by Rob BogganMarch 16, 2017

A few months ago, Marvel revealed there would be a new character behind the Iron Man arc. African-American MIT student RiRi Williams would be donning the famous Stark armor in future issues. Williams will get to don a special version of the Iron Man armor, code-named ‘IronHeart’.

Williams introduction set the internet on fire, as fans were seemingly torn on the new direction of the comic. Most people took issue with the fact that Williams was so young, but the largest controversy came from her being a character of color in addition to her being a woman. 

Williams back story is that of an everyday regular Marvel character. A normal person with extraordinary abilities, thrust into an extraordinary circumstance. 

Despite those hangups, actual MIT students developed a short film giving Williams a proper introduction. Directed by Chris Peterson and Selam G, the short film essentially highlights a day in the life of Riri Williams. The short is titled “Not all heroes wear capes, but some carry tubes,” and was inspired by Fan art on Tumblr. Check out the short below!

If you’re interested in a pretty sweet behind the scenes feature, Check this out.

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