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Minecraft In Real Life Is Absolutely Terrifying

Minecraft In Real Life Is Absolutely Terrifying

by Rob BogganJune 8, 2016

Brilliant gaming Youtubers have finally answered one of my reoccurring thoughts about Minecraft: What if it were real? YouTube filmmakers Nukazooka recreated the vast and often dangerous world of the wildly popular video game, and brought it to life. In their short film, Nukazooka drops a real life Steve? into the world of Minecraft and explores what it would look like to craft weapons and tools in the real world.

As if seclusion and being the only other person alive isn’t a terrifying enough premise, the guys kick things up a notch by introducing the monster mobs from Minecraft. There’s zombies, archer skeletons, and the downright frightening creeper. This, ladies and gentlemen, is the stuff nightmares are made of. Check out the video for yourself, and be sure to give the guys at Nukazooka a well deserved kudos for this awesome video, and check out some of their other work!



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