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Milk’s Favorite Cookie has yet another flavor!

Milk’s Favorite Cookie has yet another flavor!

by Maria BogganMarch 26, 2016

For all the munchie enthusiasts out there, get ready…Oreo is at it again. Just when you think they couldn’t possibly come out with another flavor of Oreo, they come out of left field with another must-try creation. Strawberry Shortcake Oreos will hit Walmart shelves (and ONLY Walmart shelves) on April 4th as a limited edition cookie available in the 10.7-ounce package. Strawberry Shortcake Oreos consist of the vanilla cookie with the pretty pink strawberry filling. Oreos are not new to changing things up… they have had several flavor changes…some delicious, others highly questionable, such as:

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Grab the new edition to the Oreo cookie family while you can.  Let us know what Oreo you swear by…everybody has one, here’s mine 🙂k2-_6f890ece-4bdf-47e0-a570-84512ea87226.v1



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