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Lucha Underground Available To Stream On Netflix Starting Today

One of my favorite wrestling promotions will finally be available to stream in most of North America starting today. Lucha Underground makes its debut on Netflix today, finally reaching the audience it deserves. A brainchild of Robert Rodriguez and Mark Burnett, Lucha Underground puts a wildly unique spin on the pro wrestling genre. Combining American pro wrestling, Mexican Lucha Libre style, and part TV drama, Lucha Underground provides some of the most compelling storytelling around. 

The roster is chock full of familiar faces, and rising stars. Some of LU’s bigger stars are wrestlers from other promotions like Mexcio’s AAA brand, and some are even former WWE Superstars. Rey Mysterio, PJ Black, and Johnny Mundo were all once decorated stars in WWE, who’ve since left and joined the ranks of LU.

Most of the show takes place in an abandoned factory, dubbed the temple. It is here, that the true brilliance of Lucha Underground is showcased. There’s been several unique match types, but one of my personal favorites are the inter-gender matches that are common place in the temple. Lucha Underground does so well with integrating their women stars with the men, and letting them mix it up in the ring. In fact, Lucha Underground crowned Sexy Star as their first ever woman World Champ. A feat that has yet to been seen in any other major promotions.

The coolest thing about Lucha Underground is the way each episode is presented like a mini movie. This is usually where storylines are advanced, so that you, the viewer get more in-ring action. Think of it like TNA’s backstage segments, but done the right way. Lucha Underground could very well be the future of wrestling, and I for one can’t wait to see where they go next.

Lucha Underground is currently on hiatus after their mid-season finale for season three. They will return Wednesdays at 8pm on the El Rey network, this summer.

Until then, enjoy seasons one and two on Netflix now!

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