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Here’s The Season 3 Trailer For Mr. Robot

**Warning!!! Spoilers from Mr. Robot appear below! Y0u’v3 b33n w4rn3d!


Finally! After a seemingly endless stream of riddles and ominous posts, USA dropped the season 3 trailer for Mr. Robot today. For the uninitiated, Mr. Robot follows a hacker collective known as Fsociety and their leader, Elliot. Elliot is a brilliant hacker, but struggles with his own personal demons. Amidst drug use and hallucinations, Elliot has masterminded one of the greatest hacks the world has ever known, and now the FBI is hot on his trail.

Last season saw Elliot imprisoned,  inner turmoil between Fsociety members, and the rest of the hacking community begin a war of attrition amongst themselves. If this trailer is any indication of what to expect from season three, then let me be the first to break it to you – this season will be pure and utter chaos. The trailer is dark, and ominous, and is set the narrative of a spoken word version of the poem ‘Democracy’ by Leonard Cohen.

In it, we see  a world that is in complete disarray. Most likely from the fallout of the 5/9 hack instilled by Fsociety. Sickness appears to be rampant now, and Elliot has seemingly recovered from the cliffhanger ending last season that seemed to insinuate he’d suffered a close range gunshot. Now, he’s faced with one of the greatest decisions he’ll ever have to make, while the world burns to ashes around him. I’m extremely excited for the return of this show! October can’t come soon enough!

Mr. Robot returns to USA on October 11th, for its third season. Check out the insanely intense teaser trailer, and let us know your thoughts about it in the comments below. Also, be sure to check us out on Facebook and Twitter as we continue the conversation about Mr. Robot there!

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