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Givling Rewards Your Genius With Student Loan Repayment

Givling Rewards Your Genius With Student Loan Repayment

by Maria BogganJune 22, 2016

I came across Givling while researching options for the dark cloud that follows me around called Student Loans.  Givling is a trivia game that crowd funds the payoff of student loan debt and pays out daily cash incentive prizes to players and funders.  The game itself is fun and every time you play you are randomly teamed with two other players.  Then, you individually provide correct answers to true and false statements and with each correct successive right answer, you earn points.  If you surpass your team members’ scores, you get bonus points.  If your team’s collective score is the highest in the 24 hour period, then your team wins the daily cash award.  It is divided up among the team with first place taking 50%, second 30%, and third 20%.   You can also play Givling for free once a day!  After the free play, it does cost fifty cents plus a transaction free for more coins to play.  So you may be asking, what does this have to do with student loan debt?  The money paid to play helps to pay off student loan debt.  So, when you sign up for a Givling account, you enter the funding queue.  This is a virtual line to wipe out your student debt.  This line is extremely long and disheartening at first, but Givling does offer some hope.  The first five in the Queue line up are those first few in line to have signed up, the next three loans are of those who are the top three funders and you also have two wild card slots and are filled by random.  These top ten loans will receive equal distributions until their loans are paid off.

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