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Five WWE Superstars That Should Have Defeated The Undertaker At Wrestlemania

At this year’s Wrestlemania, we witnessed what could have been The Undertaker’s last match. It was a hard-hitting match that featured Taker and the WWE’s newest it guy, Roman Reigns. The two showed plenty of grit, and while the Undertaker put up a great fight, in the end, Reigns was just too much. Fans took to Twitter to express a general disgust with the fact that it was Roman Reigns who retired Undertaker. Reigns is a rather polarizing WWE superstar, with some people championing him, and others calling for his rapid demise. Either way the WWE is his yard now, but I couldn’t help but wonder: What if someone else had defeated The Undertaker.

I went through and compiled a list of five WWE superstars that would’ve benefitted tremendously from a win over the dead man.

1. Sting

Sting WWE

In perhaps the biggest dropped ball moment in WWE history, the company failed to materialize a Sting Vs Undertaker match. Sting Vs The Undertaker would’ve been the single biggest draw in Wrestlemania history, and the story essentially wrote itself. Both men were the anchors for their respective companies during the pivotal Monday Night Wars. Sting helped further the WCW vs NWO storyline, while Taker played both a face and a heel opposite Vince McMahon. Once Sting signed with the company, it was a foregone conclusion that the two would finally meet in the ring. It was not meant to be though as Sting faced Triple H in his first Wrestlemania with the company, and would get injured before he could perform in a second.

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