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Fire Pro Wrestling Is Making A Return On PS4 And Steam

Fire Pro Wrestling Is Making A Return On PS4 And Steam

by Rob BogganMarch 2, 2017

Japanese game developer Spike Chunsoft announced plans to revive one of the hottest gaming franchises in history. Fire Pro Wrestling will be making a return to PS4 and Steam in Q2 of 2017. For those of you who are uninitiated, Fire Pro is an insanely popular wrestling sim that debuted back in 1989. Gamers flocked to Fire Pro largely because of its deeply engaging game play, and a massive roster of playable wrestlers. The unique thing with Fire Pro is they don’t license any actual wrestlers, but rather they use likenesses of popular wrestlers with laser like accuracy.

Most Fire Pro Wrestling games have a ton of different game modes ranging from a straight up wrestling match, to brutal steel cage matches. It looks like that won’t be any different in this installment either, as the reveal trailer showcases a variety of different matches including what I can only imagine is a barbed wire death match (a la Cactus Jack V Terry Funk). 

Customization will also play a large role in the upcoming Fire Pro game. Players will be able to create a wrestler from a template of over 1,000 body parts and thousands of moves. Players will also be able to utilize an advanced CPU logic system. Allowing their characters to be a perfect extension of themselves by either playing up to the crowd or fighting dirty. Players will also be able to fight for custom championship belts, as well as customize arenas, referees, and logos.

Lastly, the new Fire Pro game will allow players to square off against each other online for the first time ever. You’ll be able to compete against players around the world using your custom creations for ultimate supremacy. I’ve played a few of the older Fire Pro games, and I can honestly say I’m super stoked for the new title. With WWE 2K games becoming increasingly stagnant, and MDickie’s Wrestling Revolution only available on mobile, Fire Pro is returning at the perfect time. Check out the teaser trailer below!

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