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Fantasy Booking WWE – A New YouTube Series

So. I started a thing on YouTube. As you guys know, I’m an avid wrestling fan. Some might even say borderline obsessed. To those people…you may be right.

Sure, it could be unhealthy for a grown man to consume as much wrestling as I do, but you know what? It’s a passion of mine. As far back as I can remember, I’ve been a wrestling fan. Going all the way back to the late 80’s and into the early 90’s it was all I could think of. When my Mom, my sister and I would go visit my Grandparents in the summer, I would most look forward to those trips because I knew my Grandpa would have some super sweet wrestling news for me. In fact, we would watch wrestling on Saturday mornings and evenings (from what I later would find out was very early WCW stuff) to pass the time.

As I grew older and actually began to understand ring psychology and storylines, I’d always wanted to have my turn at “booking the territories.” Being the guy that created the stories was far more interesting to me than actually being a wrestler. I felt like I had all the talent in the world to be a part of the greatest wrestling angle in history. Years passed, and I knew actually took my shot a being a writer for WCW or WWE for that matter, but my passion for the sport never died.

Today, my son and I share the same bond over pro wrestling that my grandfather and I shared when I was his age. We both sometimes sit in front of the TV, baffled at the booking decisions made by Vince and co, and how we would change them. It wasn’t until I was watching my son play a round of WWE2K17, that the idea struck me: This is my way to finally play the role of booker. In my later years, I’d become overly fond of computer simulated battles and fell head over heels in love with shows like Total War, Time Commanders, and most importantly, Deadliest Warrior.

Thus, the idea for my new YouTube series was born. I’m essentially taking the storylines of the hottest WWE programs, rewriting them as I would if I were the booker, and then running the results through simulation mode on WWE2K17. With Wrestlemania right around the corner, I figured I’d start with the WWE World Heavyweight Championship, and how I’d be booking the main event for Wrestlemania around it. There’s two scenarios here, check them out, and let me know your thoughts in the comments below!!!

AJ Styles V Randy Orton:

The Rundown: After being defeated by John Cena at the Royal Rumble, AJ Styles is hell-bent on regaining “his” WWE Title. Randy Orton has won the Rumble, but rather than waiting for WrestleMania, he challenges John Cena to a title match on Smackdown Live. After defeating Cena, and winning his 13th WWE Title, Orton forces Smackdown GM Daniel Bryan to make the Elimination Chamber match a No. 1 Contenders match. Styles enters and wins, securing his rightful place in the WrestleMania main event against Randy Orton.

The two traded attacks on subsequent Smackdown shows, each one getting more and more violent. Wanting to make sure their Title match got more shine, Shane and Daniel​ Bryan decide to make the Orton vs Styles match a TLC match, so there’d be no doubt, who the better man was.

Bray Wyatt V AJ Styles:

The Rundown: After successfully defending his title at Royal Rumble, AJ Styles refuses to defend it again before WrestleMania. After several weeks of being antagonized by John Cena, Randy Orton decides to put his WrestleMania spot on the line inside the Elimination Chamber. Bray Wyatt enters the match, vowing to help Randy stamp his ticket to WrestleMania. Instead, Bray turns on Randy midway through the Elimination Chamber match, eliminating both Orton and Cena and securing his shot at the WWE World Title.

Wyatt and Styles meet at WrestleMania in what would end up being one of the most anticipated matches of the year.

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