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Falls Count Anywhere Ep 004: Elimination Chamber, Goldberg, Cena Oh MY!

Falls Count Anywhere Ep 004: Elimination Chamber, Goldberg, Cena Oh MY!

by Rob BogganFebruary 8, 2017

What’s up everybody! It’s that time of week again, where I drop the hottest stories and news from the world of professional wrestling. There’s a ton to cover, so let’s get right into it!

We’ll start within the world of WWE, where the road to Wrestlemania just got a little clearer. Monday’s edition of RAW did quite a bit to forward the story lines from the flagship show. For starters, we got to see Goldberg not only accept Brock Lesnar’s challenge, but also weasel his way into a Universal Title match at Fastlane. The way it was done, with Jericho essentially offering up his best friend to Goldberg, serves the purpose of setting up the eventual Jericho V Owens match. Charlotte V Bayley also picked up some steam with Bayley being granted a Women’s championship rematch for next week’s RAW. Charlotte hasn’t done well in title defenses on RAW, but I expect WWE to swerve the audience and keep the title on Charlotte at least until Wrestlemania.

On the Smackdown side of things, we’re less than a week away from the Elimination Chamber and all eyes are on the WWE Title. John Cena will defend the title inside the Chamber, and faces plenty of stiff competition. My heart tells me that AJ Styles or Bray Wyatt will emerge victorious, but my mind tells me John Cena will retain. I would LOVE to see something happen that would force a triple threat title match at Mania though, allowing Bray or AJ to main event mania, which is where they rightfully belong.

Lucha Underground is indeed headed to Netflix, but not in the capacity we previously expected. According to MLS Radio’s Court Bauer, LU will be showing seasons one and two on Netflix, with the option to filter in more seasons as they become available. This means the El Rey Network will continue to be the permanent home for Lucha Underground for the forseeable future, and the mid-season premiere of season 3 will debut May 31st.

Kenny Omega is back in the news, this time for more critical comments about WWE. Omega recently spoke with 4FW, and had some very interesting things to say. In one of the most interesting statements from the Q&A session was Omega’s feelings on starting a WWE career in NXT. He said “I know NXT is kind of like the indie darling promotion of the WWE; however, I have, maybe, next to 0% interest in going to NXT, to be honest. I’m just saying it does not jive with the goals I have in mind for myself or my [professional wrestling] career to go to NXT. As great as a guy like Bobby Roode is or Samoa Joe or Shinsuke Nakamura, I could go my entire career from this point on not wrestle those guys, and not feel like I missed something. And I don’t mean disrespect to them. I just feel that I’m on borrowed time. My style is very physical and I push myself very hard and to the limit all the time to try and change wrestling and give people a reason to subscribe to a New Japan World or WWE Network and I know what we do isn’t always cool, so I want to give you all a reason to find it cool again. And it’s tough on me, so I want to make sure when I do these high risk matches and when I push myself beyond my boundaries that there is a point. And doing that in NXT, for me, would seem like a little bit of a waste.” (h/t Wrestling Inc)



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