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Every Episode Of BLEACH Will Be Available on Tubi TV

Every Episode Of BLEACH Will Be Available on Tubi TV

by Rob BogganApril 18, 2017

Popular Japanese Anime series BLEACH, will soon be available in its entirety on Tubi TV. Tubi TV is a free internet TV service that streams thousands of TV shows and movies at no cost. As with any truly free service, any video that you watch will be ad-supported, so be prepared to sit through quite a few of those. Tubi TV has slowly become a top destination for fans of anime, as it offers several top franchises to stream, at no charge.

BLEACH first debuted back in 2004 and ran all the way through 2012, on Japan’s TV Tokyo. The series told the story of Ichigo Kurosaki after he acquires the powers of a Soul Reaver. Ichigo dedicates his life to protecting the innocent, and helping lost and tortured souls find peace.  The TV show was adapted from a Manga series of the same name, but featured storylines not originally included in the written works. The series was then picked up in the United States by Cartoon Network, and aired in the afternoon on Toonami. BLEACH is consistently mentioned as one of the top 10 anime franchises in Japan, and typically ranks in the top 50 all-time. BLEACH gained notoriety in large part thanks to its consistently intense storylines and subtle religious tones. 

VIZ Media and Tubi TV partnered to bring BLEACH to anime fans.  There are 16 seasons in total, and viewers will be treated to some episodes that hadn’t previously aired in the US. The show  It will join several other powerhouse franchises like Hunter X Hunter, Death Hunter, and Naruto. All 366 episodes of BLEACH are available to stream right now. BLEACH will be available in its original Japanese audio with English subtitles. There’s been no word if the English dubbed episodes would air at a later date.




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