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June 21, 2017

Sega Forever Brings Your Favorite Genesis Games To Mobile For Free

One of my favorite things from the 90’s just got resurrected in the best way possible. Sega just announced their “Sega Forever” program, which allows gamers access to the Sega library on mobile. The best part about this though, is that Sega is making every game free. That’s right, you can play games from every Sega console ever, free on mobile. 

The Sega Forever collection will launch with five titles to begin with, and more titles will launch every month. The games are free to play, but will support ads. If you want to play the ad-free versions of the titles, you’ll have to fork over $2. The first five games will be available to [...]

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June 13, 2017

Super Mario Odyssey Will Be Released In October

Nintendo revealed new gameplay footage and mechanics for Super Mario Odyssey during their E3 conference today. Super Mario Odyssey looks to return the franchise to their wildly inventive roots not seen since Super Mario 64. There’s several new abilities, enemies, and worlds for Mario to explore, and this new trailer gives us brief glimpses at them all.

For starters, the trailer showcases a ton of action featuring Mario’s hat. It seems that his hat, or ‘Cappy’ as it’s so lovingly called now, actually gives Mario a really cool ability. Whipping Cappy onto an enemies head, allows Mario to sort of possess them, gaining their abilities in the process. [...]

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June 12, 2017

Bethesda Announces ‘Creation Club’ For Fallout 4 and Skyrim

The worlds of Fallout and Skyrim are about to get a whole lot bigger. During their E3 presser, Bethesda announced new content headed to Fallout 4 and Skyrim Special Edition. The new content will be available through a new suite Bethesda is calling the “Creation Club.” Creation Club is essentially a new collection of add-on items made by both Bethesda and outside content creators. It brings with it a host of new outfits, weapons, and characters for both games.

The Creation Club will start to roll out to gamers this Sunday, and will be available on PC, Xbox One, and PS4 systems. As mentioned in the video above, gamers can expect to see a host of new weapons, [...]

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June 11, 2017

Microsoft’s Next Console Will Be Called Xbox Scorpio

In what could be one of the worst name decisions ever, Microsoft will reportedly be calling their Xbox One successor, the Xbox Scorpio. This news breaks just a few hours ahead of Microsoft’s E3 briefing, where the company is expected to discuss all things Xbox. Gamers have been eagerly anticipating this announcement since as early as last year’s E3, while being met with relative silence instead. 

The Xbox Scorpio is rumored to have specs that will blow the current Xbox and PS4 out of the water. For starters, the Xbox Scorpio will support 4K games running at 60 Frames Per Second. Microsoft plans to accomplish this by powering the Scorpio with an eight-core [...]

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