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May 21, 2017

Motor City Comic Con Cosplay Gallery

Motor City Comic Con 2017 is in the books! We had an absolute blast during our time at the con, and there were plenty of exciting moments during the weekend. One of our most favorite things about attending any comic con, is the devotion of fans to cosplay a character from their favorite franchise. Cosplayers range from 100% true to the character they’re portraying, to offshoots based on TV or Movie counterparts. Others like to deviate from the popular norm and make variants based on their own interpretation of the character they are playing.

Motor City Comic Con always has some of the most diverse, and interesting costumes on display and this year was no different. We [...]

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May 20, 2017

Michael Rooker On: The Similarities Between Yondu And Merle Dixon

Motor City Comic Con was treated to a very special press conference featuring Guardians Of The Galaxy Vol.2’s Michael Rooker. Michael Rooker hosted a brief Q&A for the press, where he talked about Guardians 2, fingers being chewed off, and why Yondu was such a great character. 

Rooker answered in classic Rooker fashion, but also gave a bit more insight into what made the Yondu character so unique. Check out his response above and see why he’s one of the greats when it comes to his ability to humanize the bad guys!

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April 25, 2017

Cosplay Takes Over C2E2

One of our favorite things to do when we go to a comic con is cosplay. Dressing up as a character from your favorite fandom allows you the freedom to express your creativity in ways you otherwise wouldn’t. You can be someone completely opposite from your everyday, normal self. In a way, you get to become a hero or villain in your own rights. While Maria and I were at C2E2 this past weekend, we decided to try out our Walking Dead cosplay. It took a lot of time and effort, but we were proud to showcase our take on King Ezekiel and Shiva. 

Thankfully, we weren’t the only fans of The Walking Dead, as several other people portrayed characters from the show. The [...]

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April 24, 2017

C2E2 2017 Wrap Up

The annual C2E2 Comic Con was held at the McCormick Place Convention Center this past weekend. My wife Maria and I made the trip down to Chicago to take in the sights and sounds that are attracted to Chicago during the con. Scores of comic book and pop culture fans pack the McCormick Place to check out the media guests, rare collectibles, and unique cosplay on display. The event runs three days, with dozens of panels and signings to take part in. We had a few specific goals in mind, and wanted to partake in as much con madness as we could. 

We arrived later than usual on Friday, to find the city already abuzz with excitement for C2E2. We had booked a room in the [...]

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