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Apple’s New Patent Will Prevent Users From Recording Concerts

Apple’s New Patent Will Prevent Users From Recording Concerts

by Rob BogganJuly 1, 2016

Apple was recently awarded a patent that would give certain concert venues a huge advantage over stopping people who choose to record footage there.

The new patent essentially allows for Apple to use infrared signals to send messages into your phone, telling it to disable video recording. This may be a reaction to most artists taking fairly extreme measures at concerts to ensure there are no videos taken during their performances. Dave Chappelle and Alicia Keys have employed sealable “gadget bags” for attendees of their shows to put their electronics into at the beginning of a show, and they can only be retrieved at the end.

What do you think of this tech? Good idea? Bad idea? Other? Sound off in the comments!

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Rob Boggan
  • Kevin B.
    August 23, 2016 at 3:45 pm

    Sounds Great for the performer/entertainer, however what about the fans? What is mean is video recording has been found to be invaluable during horrific events such as shootings, terrorists (both foreign and domestic), fires, and so on. Now there will be no supporting evidence to corroborate the events. Not to mention the exposure the entertainers receive from social media posts of attendees raving about the event, that will be gone too. I understand that the entertainers want to ensure that everyone purchases their content as that is their job, I respect that as much as what i do for my career requires me to be compensated as well. What I do not agree with is the methods being chosen to support that desire.

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