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December 9, 2016

Samsung Is About To Kill The Galaxy Note 7

Samsung just can’t seem to avoid Galaxy Note 7 woes. Back in September, Samsung issued a voluntary recall on the Galaxy Note 7 amidst fire hazard concerns. Today, Samsung has announced they will be rolling out an update to Galaxy Note 7 devices that will essentially render it useless unless. The update is expected to start rolling out around December 19th, and will prevent Note 7 phones from being able to charge. This is the definitive death-blow to the Note 7, and if there are any of you still hanging on to one now is the time to ditch it.

Samsung confirmed today that they will be working with their carrier partners to get the update out within 30 days. While most seem [...]

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December 8, 2016

T-Mobile’s ‘DIGITS’ Amplifies Your Connectivity

T-Mobile just unveiled a groundbreaking service for subscribers called ‘DIGITS’. Digits is being positioned as the answer to your prayers if you fear not being connected. Essentially Digits allows users to use their existing T-Mobile number on multiple devices, even regardless of carrier. Digits is also upping the ante by allowing you to use one device and have multiple numbers assigned to it. The app essentially works on any web connected device and is controlled with a username and password, much like any other subscription service.

Digits has been in the works for years according to T-Mobile, and they’ve been working with Samsung to bring the service to [...]

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December 7, 2016

Nerd News Show Ep 064: Pardon Our Dust

<p><br /></p>

Rob and Maria are back with the latest round of random thoughts and rants they like to call: The Nerd News Show. This week, they discuss the recent announcement that Nintendo will stop production on the Wii U, whether or not The Walking Dead is losing its luster and they help you decide on a gift for the giant nerd in your life. Catch up with every episode of The Nerd News Show!

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December 4, 2016

Marvel Vs Capcom Infinite Debuting Next Year

Last week we wrote a piece about the upcoming announcement of Marvel Vs Capcom 4. We’re glad to report that Marvel and Capcom officially took the stage at Playstation Experience today to officially reveal the game and what we can expect from it. Titled ‘Marvel vs Capcom: Infinite’ this marks the fourth installment of the wildly popular fighting franchise, and will bring with it a new twist on a familiar favorite.

 It looks like Marvel is doubling down on characters from the MCU, while also bringing in some familiar faces from the comics. Iron Man and Captain Marvel look to be putting their beef from Civil War II aside to be flag bearers from Marvel, [...]

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